Scientifically Validated Personality Tests

What type of personality are you?

The T-Persona personality test assesses your dominant character traits across 5 key dimensions. It will allow you to learn a little more about yourself and your psychology.

What is your action orientation?

Action orientation reflects your level of energy and tenacity in achieving your goals. Are you a dynamic and persevering person, capable of investing in the long term? Or do you need specific conditions to fully mobilize your resources?

What is your emotional balance?

Emotional balance indicates your degree of self-acceptance and stress tolerance. Do you have a good self-image and manage to stay calm under pressure? Or do you tend to doubt yourself and quickly experience anxiety?

What is your adaptability?

Adaptability concerns your relationship with the environment and others. Do you appreciate change and manage to assert yourself in a group? Or do you prefer stability and a less exposed position in your social interactions?

What is your work style?

Work style reflects your approach to tasks and information management. Are you oriented towards concrete and methodical activities, with a focus on the objective? Or are you comfortable with more conceptual missions and a certain level of improvisation?

What is your sociability?

Sociability indicates your interest in others and your social ease. Do you like to approach people and work in a team? Or do you have a preference for autonomy and reserve in relationships?

T-Persona provides your detailed report on these 5 fundamental dimensions of personality to identify your natural tendencies. You will obtain a score on 7 levels for each factor, accompanied by a nuanced and personalized description.

The objective: to better understand your unique functioning to value your strengths and better manage your areas of fragility. An in-depth insight to boost your self-knowledge and relational skills!

What is a personality test?

A personality test is a psychometric tool used to assess an individual’s psychological characteristics.

It takes the form of a standardized questionnaire containing a series of items to which you must respond. The answers are then analyzed to identify behavioral tendencies, character traits, preferences, or typical modes of functioning of the person.

Personality tests are based on various theoretical models (e.g., Big Five, Holland, holistic approach…) and aim to provide a general overview of the psychological profile.

They are used in many fields: recruitment, career guidance, personal development, therapy…

Often, social desirability bias, especially in recruitment situations, is not the most developed point by free online personality tests. T-Persona has developed an Artificial Intelligence analysis to weigh this bias.

However and always, while personality tests offer interesting insights, they are not sufficient to capture all the complexity of an individual.

Which soft skills are your strengths?

Beyond the 5 major traits, T-Persona identifies the soft skills that make you unique. Discover the definition of each:


Ability to step out of your comfort zone, dare novelty, and defend your ideas with confidence. Bold people are confident and not afraid to take measured risks.


Ability to flexibly adjust your behavior in the face of unforeseen events and changes. An adaptable person knows how to be flexible and bounce back in case of difficulty.


Ability to work alone responsibly and proactively, without depending on others. Someone autonomous self-motivates and organizes themselves to achieve their goals.


Ability to clearly convey information and ideas, both in writing and orally. A good communicator is attentive, synthetic, and knows how to adapt their speech to their audience.

Relational skills

Ability to establish good relationships with others, to listen and understand their needs. Having relational skills means knowing how to show kindness, diplomacy, and tact.


Belief in one’s own resources and value. A person who has self-confidence expresses themselves with assurance, assumes their choices, and bounces back constructively in the face of failure.


Desire to learn and discover new things. Curiosity pushes one to ask questions, explore various subjects, and show open-mindedness.


Ability to innovate, have original ideas, and bring them to life. A creative person thinks “outside the box,” imagines novel solutions, and expresses artistic sensitivity.


Ability to put oneself in another’s place, to perceive and share their emotions. Empathy is essential for forming authentic and deep relationships.


Positive, dynamic, and passionate attitude in one’s activities. An enthusiastic person knows how to motivate a team and transmit their energy.

Team spirit

Ability to collaborate harmoniously with others towards a common goal. Having team spirit means being supportive, knowing how to delegate, and valuing everyone’s talents.


Ability to unite and inspire a group to achieve a goal. A leader knows how to give a vision, make decisions, and stimulate their team’s motivation.

Stress management

Ability to stay calm and effective under pressure. Managing stress well involves putting things into perspective, regulating emotions, and recovering.

Sense of organization

Ability to effectively structure and plan one’s work and time. An organized person knows how to prioritize, anticipate, and adapt.

T-Persona will help you determine which of these soft skills are your 5 main strengths to rely on in daily life.

What is your RIASEC profile and how does it correspond to your personality?

What is RIASEC?

RIASEC is a career guidance model developed by psychologist John Holland. It defines 6 major personality types corresponding to specific work environments:

  • Realistic: concrete, practical, manual
  • Investigative: analytical, intellectual, scientific
  • Artistic: creative, expressive, non-conformist
  • Social: empathetic, cooperative, attentive
  • Enterprising: ambitious, persuasive, energetic
  • Conventional: organized, methodical, rigorous

Knowing your RIASEC means distinguishing your dominant professional interests to choose a fulfilling career.

How are RIASEC and T-Persona results combined?

T-Persona integrates the RIASEC model to enrich your data. Your results from both tests are put into perspective to:

  • Confirm the consistency between your personality type and your professional aspirations
  • Identify potential gaps and understand them
  • Refine career paths that suit you
  • Help you find a work environment in line with who you are

Combining RIASEC and T-Persona guarantees a 360° insight for your career guidance!

How does T-Persona, a professional personality test, meet your personality needs?

A comprehensive and in-depth test with high reliability

T-Persona goes further than classic personality tests by exploring:

  • Your dominant character traits (Big Five)
  • Your most developed individual soft skills
  • Your RIASEC profile
  • The unique combination of these different facets

Reliable and accurate data

Developed with psychology experts, T-Persona relies on robust scientific models (Big Five, RIASEC). Its powerful algorithm guarantees solid and detailed conclusions. These results are proof of test quality.

A comprehensive study with a Data Scientist was conducted to validate the model.

An educational and personalized report

Your T-Persona report is sent to you immediately by email. You will find:

  • Your assessment and detailed profile with your scores on each dimension
  • The cross-analysis of your personality traits, soft skills, and RIASEC type
  • Your 5 main strengths to value
  • Your areas for improvement
  • Our advice to boost your potential

Tailored support from our experts

The T-Persona adventure doesn’t stop with your results! Our psychologists are at your disposal to:

  • Deepen your interpretation of the test
  • Answer all your questions
  • Help you leverage your strengths in your professional and personal life
  • Define a concrete action plan to reveal the best of yourself
  • With T-Persona, choose a personalized assessment and benefit from long-term follow-up to realize your aspirations.

    New test based on Artificial Intelligence

    T-Persona is at the forefront of innovation! Its AI engine analyzes your responses with unparalleled finesse to create your unique profile:

    • Computing power to cross-reference a multitude of data
    • Learning algorithm that enriches itself with each test taken
    • Detection of your specificities and nuances

    With AI, access an ultra-personalized self-knowledge and benefit from even more tailored support!

    Are you an individual?

    How to take an online T-Persona personality test and use personality tests?

    Contact us and we will send you a link to take the T-Persona personality test.

    1. You will receive an invitation by email with a username and password
    2. You will access the online questionnaire (duration: about 15 minutes)
    3. Give your spontaneous and sincere answers
    4. Get your detailed results immediately by email and artificial intelligence analysis
    5. Discuss with one of our professionals to define the next steps

    Determine your personality type

    Are you a recruitment professional?

    T-Persona: An asset for successful recruitment

    Personality tests are increasingly used in recruitment processes. And for good reason: they allow you to go beyond the resume and interview to identify candidates’ soft skills and potential.

    Why use T-Persona in your recruitment?

    • To save time and gain objectivity in your selection
    • To assess the compatibility of the candidate’s profile with your company culture
    • To identify their natural talents and potential for growth
    • To determine the management style and work environment they will need to perform well

    With T-Persona, you have a reference tool to make better recruitment decisions:

    • A comprehensive personality assessment, adapted to the workplace
    • Reliable and nuanced results, far from caricatures
    • A clear and detailed report, with advice on how to best manage the person
    • An ideal way to prepare your interviews and role-playing scenarios

    T-Persona, for building complementary and high-performing teams

    Beyond matching job/profile, T-Persona helps you build balanced and effective teams by allowing you to:

    • Identify personalities that complement each other and those that might clash
    • Create matching manager/employee pairs
    • Adjust management style according to individual needs
    • Develop cooperation by leveraging your employees’ natural talents

    Important: recruiters, don’t hesitate to contact us

    Are you a skills assessment professional?

    T-Persona: A tool for skills assessments

    The T-Persona personality test can be used as part of skills assessments.

    Characteristics of T-Persona for skills assessment

    • Tool assessing personality, soft skills, and motivations
    • Online completion
    • Questionnaire related to the professional world
    • Detailed results in report form

    Usefulness of T-Persona for the skills assessment beneficiary

    Integrating T-Persona into the skills assessment allows the beneficiary to:

    • Identify their strengths and areas for improvement
    • Determine their preferences in terms of activity and environment
    • Gain insight into their mode of operation and interpersonal relationships
    • Develop their self-knowledge

    T-Persona provides the beneficiary with complementary information to reflect on their professional development.

    Usefulness of T-Persona for the skills assessment consultant

    For the consultant, T-Persona is a complementary tool that allows:

    • Access to a personality diagnosis supporting their recommendations
    • Use of reports as a basis for discussion with the beneficiary
    • Refinement of the professional project and development actions envisaged

    T-Persona is an additional resource to enrich the skills assessments carried out.

    Important: Skills assessment consultants can inquire about the terms of use of T-Persona by clicking here.

    Conclusion: Reveal your personality traits with our T-Persona psychological test

    Do you want to finally understand who you really are and what makes you tick?

    Do you aspire to a professional and personal life that reflects who you are?

    The T-Persona personality test is the tool you need!

    Thanks to its innovative scientific approach, based on Artificial Intelligence, T-Persona offers you much more than a simple test. It’s a real opportunity to:

    • Gain knowledge about your personality traits, soft skills, and aspirations
    • Recognize your unique talents and the levers to fully utilize them
    • Take control of your life and make fulfilling choices

    T-Persona is a concentrate of self-knowledge, delivered with expertise and benevolence.

    You will find an example report and test questions on the page Link