Recruit and coach with our quick and easy-to-use online psychometric tests

To recruit or support, your beneficiaries likely ask which career to choose or which field of study to pursue.

Our online psychometric tests are easy to use and provide professionals with customized response paths based on the interests, skills, and personalities of the people being supported or recruited.

Our tests rely on advanced algorithms based on Artificial Intelligence that analyze responses to targeted questions.

We take into account several aspects, such as personal preferences, work style, and each individual’s natural talents.

Whether your beneficiaries are job hunting, changing careers, or simply curious to discover new opportunities, our sophisticated, validated, and calibrated psychological tests by researchers are the right tools to assist you in your human support efforts.

The importance of guidance in career decision-making

When people face decision-making for their careers or studies, it is essential to have proper guidance and advice.

Choosing the right way can have a significant impact on happiness, fulfillment, and professional success.

Career guidance helps to explore different options, understand interests, and make informed decisions.

Our online psychometric tests can provide objective and unbiased data.

They use scientific methods to assess interests, skills, and abilities, helping you guide your beneficiaries to the careers that suit them best.

Advantages of using an online orientation test

Using online orientation tests offers many advantages over traditional methods.

Firstly, everything is automatically calculated. There are no chances of errors between the responses given by the beneficiaries and their reporting on the nomograms. Secondly, people can take the tests from their homes, at their own pace, without having to go to a professional’s location.

Moreover, online orientation tests are based on sophisticated algorithms that take into account a multitude of factors to provide you with personalized results and offer a wide variety of additional resources to assist you in your support or recruitment process.

How online psychometric tests work

Online psychometric tests operate by asking a series of specific questions. These questions can cover different areas such as professional preferences, activities, your interests, and personality traits.

When beneficiaries answer the questions, the algorithm analyzes the responses and compares them to a database of similar profiles. It looks for matches between the responses and the characteristics of the profiles and uses artificial intelligence to go as far as possible. By using AI, the algorithm calculates probabilities and matches to provide personalized results.

It is important to answer the test questions honestly to obtain accurate results.

Do not respond based on what people think is expected of them, but truly based on genuine interests and preferences. This will ensure that the results authentically reflect the profile.

Online psychometric tests use different types of questions to assess interests and aptitudes.

Here are some common types of possible questions:

  1. Questions about professional preferences: These questions ask you to choose between different tasks or professional activities. For example, do you prefer working in a team or independently? Do you enjoy solving complex problems or prefer working on more concrete tasks?
  2. Questions about interests: These questions ask you to choose from different areas of interest. For example, are you more interested in science, arts, sports, or business?
  3. Questions about values: These questions ask you to reflect on your personal values and what is important to you in a career. For example, do you value financial stability, creativity, social contribution, or work-life balance?

These types of questions allow beneficiaries to objectively express their preferences and interests, enabling the test algorithms to provide accurate and personalized results.

Once the online orientation test is completed, 2 reports are available: one for the beneficiary with the main data, which they can receive via email, and one for the professional, much more detailed with indicators that allow you to detect inconsistencies in responses.

The results may include information about recommended careers, necessary skills, and softskills to develop.

It is important to keep in mind that test results are not definitive decisions but rather indications and suggestions based on the responses. The results serve as a starting point for further exploration.

Tips for maximizing the effectiveness of an online orientation test

To maximize the effectiveness of an online orientation test, here are some useful tips for your beneficiaries:

  • Answer honestly: As mentioned earlier, respond to the test questions based on your true interests and preferences, rather than what you think is expected of you. This will ensure more accurate and personalized results.
  • Take your time: Do not rush through the test. Take the time to consider each question and choose the answer that best matches. Respond thoughtfully.
  • Use additional resources: Online orientation tests are often accompanied by additional resources, such as career descriptions, information about necessary skills, and available training.
  • Do further research: Online orientation tests are an excellent starting point, but they should not be considered the sole source of information. Do additional research, talk to professionals in the fields that interest you, and consider participating in internships or career exploration activities to gain hands-on experience.

Testimonials from people who have used online orientation tests

Here are some testimonials from people who have used online orientation tests to assist them in their career decision-making:

“The online orientation test helped me better understand my interests and skills. The results were accurate and the career recommendations really matched what I was looking for.”

“I was pleasantly surprised by the accuracy of the online orientation test results. The recommended careers matched my interests and skills. This gave me the confidence needed to pursue my studies in a field I am truly passionate about.”

“The online orientation test was a great starting point for me. The results helped me refine my career options and make more informed decisions. I highly recommend it to anyone who is undecided to try it.”