General Terms and Conditions of Sale

General Terms and Conditions of Use and Sale (GTC-GTS) of the website

Versions as of March 6, 2024

The PUBLISHER of the site, Pierre MAILLIET, EUDONIA Tests, is a sole proprietorship, with its registered office located at 5 rue Jean Giono 69330 JONAGE, registered in the LYON SIRET under the number 511150815 00021.

Represented by its legal representative Pierre MAILLIET acting in this capacity as Director.

The Director of publication is Pierre MAILLIET, domiciled in this capacity at the registered office of EUDONIA Tests.

Contact form:

USERS are all internet users who browse, read, view, and use the site without making any financial transaction.

CLIENTS are USERS who purchase one or more products offered on the site with the intention of using them in their professional activity with their clients and patients.

As a result, the provisions applicable to USERS are imposed on CLIENTS without any need for further clarification.

The following provisions aim to define the terms and conditions under which the PUBLISHER provides USERS and CLIENTS with the site, whose home page is located at the following URL address:

Browsing and connecting to the site implies unconditional acceptance of the following general conditions of use (“GCU”).

The purchase of articles on the site implies unconditional acceptance of the following general conditions of sale (“GCS”).

General Conditions of Use (GCU) of the site
ARTICLE 1 – Presentation of the site

A site offering professionals in the field of psychology or professional orientation who have undergone training in the tools (CLIENTS) tests on professional interests intended to be carried out online by their clientele and patients (USERS).

ARTICLE 2 – Access, connection, and browsing

Access to and use of the site are reserved for adults. The PUBLISHER reserves the right to request any proof of the USER’s age.

The PUBLISHER may at any time suspend, limit, or interrupt the site to perform updates or modifications to its content.

The USER commits to strictly personal use of the site and, in any case, not to use the site and its content for unlawful purposes but also for commercial, political, advertising, or spam purposes.

The PROFESSIONAL USER commits to strictly professional use of the site and, in any case, not to use the site and its content for unlawful purposes but also for commercial resale purposes of the tests purchased on, political, advertising, or spam purposes.

ARTICLE 3 – Limitation of liability

The PUBLISHER is only responsible for the content it has itself published.

The PUBLISHER is not responsible for:

  • Technical issues or failures, computer or compatibility of the site with any hardware or software.
  • Direct or indirect damages, material or immaterial, foreseeable or unforeseeable resulting from the use or difficulties of using the site or its services.
  • Intrinsic characteristics of the Internet, particularly those relating to the lack of reliability and the lack of securing of information circulating there.
  • Contents or activities using its site unlawfully, without having duly acknowledged it in the sense of Law No. 2004-575 of June 21, 2004, for confidence in the digital economy and Law No. 2004-801 of August 6, 2004, relating to the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data.

Furthermore, the PUBLISHER’s liability cannot be engaged in the following cases:

Every USER is responsible for:

  • The protection of his equipment and data.
  • The use he makes of the site or its services.
  • If he does not respect neither the letter nor the spirit of these GCU.

ARTICLE 4 – Intellectual property

The structuring of the site as well as texts, graphics, images, photographs, sounds, videos, and computer applications that compose it are the property of the PUBLISHER and are protected as such by the laws in force under intellectual property.

Any representation, reproduction, adaptation, or partial or total exploitation of the contents, trademarks, and services offered by the site, by any means whatsoever, without prior, express, and written authorization of the PUBLISHER is strictly prohibited and could constitute infringement under articles L.335-2 and following of the Intellectual Property Code, except for elements expressly designated as free of rights on the site

Access to the site does not imply recognition of a right and, in general, does not confer any intellectual property rights relating to an element of the site, which remain the exclusive property of the PUBLISHER.

It is forbidden for the USER to introduce data on the site that would modify or be likely to modify the content or appearance of the site.

ARTICLE 5 – Contact

For any question or information about the products presented on the site, or concerning the site itself, the USER can contact the PUBLISHER via the contact form on the site

For any report of illegal content or activities, the USER can leave a message on the contact form of the site or by registered mail with acknowledgment of receipt addressed to the PUBLISHER at the coordinates specified in these GCU.

General Conditions of Sale (GCS) of the site
These general conditions of sale determine all the conditions governing the purchase of articles made by the CLIENT on the site

The site is reserved for orders from only adult natural persons capable of contracting and legal entities whose professional activity is one of those listed below:

Psychologists or professionals

The PUBLISHER reserves the right to modify the GCS at any time and without notice, which the CLIENT accepts, the applicable GCS being those in force at the time of purchasing an article. It is the CLIENT’s responsibility to check the GCS in force before any order. In any event, the nullity of one of the clauses of the GCS would not lead to that of the other clauses.

By placing an order on the site, the CLIENT declares and acknowledges fully and unreservedly accepting the GCS.

ARTICLE 1 – Purpose and scope of application

The general conditions of sale described below detail the rights and obligations of EUDONIA Tests and its client in the context of the sale of the following articles: Hexa3D tests and IRMR 3 tests.

Any placement of an order on the site, the last steps of which consist of validating the basket after having accepted these GCS, implies the CLIENT’s unreserved adherence to these general conditions of sale.

ARTICLE 2 – Description of articles and prices

The site offers CLIENTS tests on professional interests intended to be carried out online by their clientele. The articles sold on the site consist of packs of several identical tests with the possibility of purchase per unit by the CLIENT.

The description of the articles that prevails is the one published on the site at the time of the order. Each

article is accompanied by a detailed descriptive sheet detailing its essential characteristics, online availability, and price.

The prices of the articles sold are those in force on the day of the order placement. They are denominated in euros and calculated excluding taxes. Consequently, they will be increased by the taxes possibly applicable on the day of the order.

The PUBLISHER agrees to the right to modify its rates at any time. However, it commits to invoice the articles ordered at the prices indicated when registering the order.

ARTICLE 3 – Validity duration and availability of articles

The articles offered on the site may evolve, thus the PUBLISHER will indicate for each article its validity duration corresponding to its online availability deadline.

The PUBLISHER cannot be held responsible for the non-use by the CLIENT of the test or in the case of a pack purchase of all the tests contained purchased by it within the online availability period indicated on the site and confirmed in the order summary.

The total or partial non-use of a test or pack of tests within the validity period indicated by the PUBLISHER will not open the possibility for the CLIENT to request a total or partial refund of his purchase. Any article purchased is firm and final regardless of the actual use made by the CLIENT within the availability period indicated by the PUBLISHER, which the CLIENT expressly accepts by placing an order on the site.

Each validity duration of the packs is indicated in the pack detail.

ARTICLE 4 – Discounts and rebates

The prices offered include the discounts and rebates that the PUBLISHER would be likely to grant.

ARTICLE 5 – Payment methods

The payment of orders is made:

  • either by bank transfer;
  • or by credit card;
  • or by request for a quote and bank transfer.

The order will be considered firm and definitive upon validation of the transaction by the CLIENT’s bank.

The CLIENT guarantees to the PUBLISHER that he has the necessary authorizations to use the chosen method of payment. In case of payment by credit card, the billing information that the CLIENT declares at the time of the order must correspond to those of the holder of the payment card used, in order to allow the PUBLISHER to contact the latter directly if necessary, in particular for verification or request for additional information.

In case of non-payment, incorrect billing address, or any problem due to the CLIENT related to the payment of the order, the PUBLISHER reserves the right to block the latter until the perfect resolution of the dispute.

ARTICLE 6 – Client Account

To place an order, the CLIENT must necessarily create an account by following the registration procedure available on the site, and in particular by indicating an email address and a password.

This customer account is strictly personal, and the CLIENT undertakes never to communicate his login credentials to anyone. Non-compliance with this provision exposes the CLIENT to temporary or permanent suspension of his access to the site without opening the right to reimbursement or compensation regardless of the number of tests not used on the one or more packs already paid for which he acknowledges and accepts without reservation.

The CLIENT undertakes to inform the PUBLISHER without delay of the fraudulent use of his account as soon as he becomes aware of it. In case of loss or theft of the password, the CLIENT may request the PUBLISHER to generate a new password.

ARTICLE 7 – Personal data

The PUBLISHER’s policy regarding personal data collected from the CLIENT is available on a dedicated page on the site

ARTICLE 8 – Absence of right of withdrawal

By confirming his purchase, accepting these GCS, and validating the transaction by his bank, the CLIENT expressly declares to consent to the immediate start of the service thus purchased and acknowledges that he expressly waives the right of withdrawal he benefits from within 14 days, in accordance with Article L221-28, paragraphs 1 and 13 of the Consumer Code.

ARTICLE 9 – Guarantees and liability

The use of the site, and any element, content, or information obtained via it, is the exclusive responsibility of the CLIENT.

9.1 – Accessibility to the Service

The CLIENT expressly acknowledges and accepts that:

He uses the site knowingly, which offers content accessible according to the quality of the Internet network. In particular, the PUBLISHER provides no express or implied guarantee regarding the quality and compatibility of the site for the specific uses made by the CLIENT. In no way will the PUBLISHER be able to provide the CLIENT with the guarantee that a product purchased on the site will exactly meet his expectations and will make its best efforts to ensure that no error appears during the use of the site. The PUBLISHER does not guarantee that the results, information, and the site are free of any error or defect.

9.2 – Availability

The PUBLISHER strives to keep the site accessible 7 days a week and 24 hours a day but is not bound by any obligation of result. It can therefore interrupt access, notably for reasons of maintenance and upgrade. Access can also be interrupted for any other reason, including technical reasons, without any obligation of prior information.

The PUBLISHER cannot be held responsible for interruptions due to any failure of the necessary equipment as well as in case of malfunction, failure, or insufficient service of the operators used by the CLIENT to access the site.

ARTICLE 10 – Force majeure

The PUBLISHER’s liability cannot be engaged if the non-performance or delay in the performance of one of its obligations described in these general conditions of sale results from a case of force majeure. As such, force majeure is understood to mean any external, unforeseeable, and irresistible event within the meaning of Article 1148 of the Civil Code.

ARTICLE 11 – Evidence agreement

The order confirmation is subject to archiving for a maximum of 5 years. It is recorded in the computerized registers kept in the information system of the PUBLISHER and/or its partners and can be used as evidence in accordance with Article 1366 of the Civil Code.

ARTICLE 12 – Competent court

Any dispute relating to the interpretation and execution of these general conditions of sale is subject to French law.

In the absence of amicable resolution, the dispute will be brought before the Commercial Court of LYON.

ARTICLE 13 – Sponsorship

Any customer who has purchased a pack on our site has the opportunity to sponsor other users.

When the sponsored person makes a pack purchase on, he benefits from a 5% discount on his first purchase.

In addition, the sponsor also receives a 5% discount on the first purchase of the sponsored person.

These discounts are accumulated in a pot, which can be used exclusively for future pack purchases on our site.

It is important to note that this credit cannot be paid in cash to the sponsor and can only be used for pack purchases on in deduction of the price of the order placed.