T-Persona: personality test for the work environment


A personality test based on the Big Five and Holland’s professional interests

The T-Persona test was designed by J.Galice and B.Cuvillier, based on work on personality (the Big Five) and professional interests developed by John Holland.

It meets a demand expressed by practitioners in counseling and assessment: to use a test that is scientifically valid with a reasonable administration time not exceeding 15/20 minutes.

T-Persona offers easily understandable items and is aimed at everyone aged 16 and older.

It is applicable in the context:

  • of educational and professional orientation processes
  • of skills assessments and professional evaluations
  • of recruitment and professional selection
  • of coaching in career change and mobility
  • of self-awareness and professional development


A rigorously validated test

This test was developed by an experienced team and validated by a statistical expert (Data Scientist from CNRS).

This experienced team has already designed two interest questionnaires that have been distributed for over 15 years.

The validation studies of T-Persona have identified 5 dimensions, each breaking down into 2 facets, making a total of 10 facets.

The final version contains 100 items.

Use cases

When to use T-Persona?


In selection and recruitment procedures, and for admission into training programs.


In the context of skills assessments and career guidance for individuals undergoing career changes.


T-Persona can be used for career guidance for students, high school students, who want to reflect on their professional future.


It can also be used in any support or coaching approach.

T-Persona TEST

An analysis of 5 dimensions and 2 facets per dimension


A table allows to visualize the level of the 5 main dimensions as well as the 10 facets.

  • Action orientation: Energy and tenacity
  • Emotional balance: Self-acceptance and Stress tolerance
  • Adaptability: Relationship to the environment and Relationship to others
  • Work style: Type of work and Information management
  • Sociability: Interest in others and Social ease

” The goal? Get to know yourself better, so you can better plan your professional future. “


Two types of reports

A detailed report is intended for the professional and a simplified one can be sent to the candidate.

These reports are automatically generated after the online test.

They are a real tool for helping with the interpretation and understanding of the results. They detail, in the form of colored graphs:

  • The candidate’s profile
  • His/her response strategies
  • Statistical indicators
  • A possible complementary analysis by Artificial Intelligence.
  • If your beneficiary has completed an IRMR3 test and a T-Persona personality test, the AI analysis is performed by correlating the results of both tests. Otherwise, it is performed on the T-Persona personality test alone.


Tools for professionals only

T-Persona is accessible to professionals in the sectors of recruitment, psychology and education, with a post-graduate degree.


Reduced prices according to the number of tests purchased

Each credit can be used for the T-Persona test